Falcons failures fall squarely on Atlanta's defense


Three-time Pro-Bowler Hugh Douglas joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse in Charlotte to discuss what is the real reason for another Falcons embarrassing loss, and if the rebuild in Atlanta could lead to the end of Matty Ice.

Hugh started the interview by reacting to the news that Christian McCaffrey has returned to practice as he said that Mike Davis has done a tremendous job in CMC's absence, but the first moment you can get him back you take it.

Kyle then asked Hugh what is it with the Falcons as they now have blown 3 leads in historically awful fashion as Hugh told Kyle:

"This Falcons team is what you call an anomaly," said Douglas. "We've gotten to the point where we know that no matter what the score is in the first half there's going to be a strong possibility that's something's going to happen to cost the Falcons the ballgame. I blame the defense because when you are talking about what the Falcons should be and what the Falcons are, it squarely falls on the defense's shoulders."

Hugh also told Kyle that their is smoke to the fire of serious conversations between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones no longer being Falcons after this year as Hugh says it has a lot to do with the unknown of who will be replacing Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff and for the fact that Matt Ryan, while still good is past his prime.