The 5 Plays That Cost the Falcons the Game vs. Seattle


The Falcons lost their Week 1 home opener to the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 38-25.

The final score of the game could be misleading as this game was much closer than meets the eye.

One play here or there and the Falcons could have come out with a win.

While you could probably say this about most games, here are the five plays that cost the Falcons the win (in no specific order).

1. Fumbled Punt Fake: The Falcons had this play converted! Upback Sharrod Neasman got a direct snap and had crossed the line to gain but fumbled before being grounded. The Seahawks recovered and went on to take a

2. Rico Allen Pass Interference: After taking a 3-0 lead on the first drive of the game, the Falcons defense had the Seahawks in a 3rd and 23 situation. Instead of forcing a punt and getting off the field, the officials signaled Allen for a 41-yard PI that led to a Seahawks TD and they would not trail the rest of the game.

3. Falcons Allow Long TD on Fourth-Down Play: While the Falcons went 0 for 4 on fourth-down conversions in the game. The Seahawks only attempted one conversion and it went for a 38-yard TD right as the Falcons were on the cusp of getting back into the game.

4. Ryan Sacked On Fourth Down: The Falcons were trailing 27-12 in the third quarter and drove the ball into the red zone. The drive stalled at the 11 yard line before the Falcons attempted their third fourth-down attempt of the game. In this instance, Matt Ryan was forced out of the pocket and sacked with a receiver running wide open.

5. Ryan's Pass Forces Diving Ridley Attempt: The Falcons tried yet another fourth-down conversion with the score at 31-18 in the fourth quarter and Calvin Ridley had broken free from his man just enough to give Ryan a window to throw into. But the pass sailed a bit wide, Ridley was forced to dive after it, and the pass fell incomplete. The Seahawks scored on their next drive and put the game away 38-18.