Was Falcons' Fake Punt Call a Moment of Panic?


The Atlanta Falcons opened the season with a loss to Seattle in a game which got away from the Falcons in the third quarter. But did the Falcons panic a little too early when they attempted a fake punt? Dukes & Bell gave their thoughts on the botched fake attempt.

Carl talked about the thinking that went behind the fake punt call yesterday.

“The decision to make the call at that point in the game, after that fourth and 5 where they hit Metcalf and he beats Oliver for the 38-yard touchdown, we’re down 28-12 at that point. So that is where you start to feel like the game is starting to get away from you,” Dukes said. “We may be a play or two away from making this a one-score game, and there’s still plenty of time. This is just the start of the third quarter so why do you make the decision there?

“Now I know Dan Quinn has said they saw a look, once they got the look the play call was already in. They were going to go with the fake punt and that’s fine. But you still get questioned as to why make that call when hey you know what let’s go ahead and punt it away. Let’s make Russell drive the entire field, instead we gave him a short field and then the game really got out of hand.