What Does Dan Quinn Want to See From Falcons in Week 2?


Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn joined Dukes & Bell for his weekly segment with the guys as he talked about the team’s loss to the Seahawks, what does the team need to do better moving forward, plus a look ahead to the Cowboys.

Coach Quinn talked about things he wanted to see improve.

“To be the type of team we want to be we’ve got to create some takeaways, and so to leave the game without any, doesn’t allow you to get into the plus.” Quinn said “That part we’ve got to make sure we can create some takeways and create some advantages where we can give the offense a short field or score on defense so those things we have to get there.”

“I’d like to see or execution in our third and fourth downs, short yardage, and get that space in order because we want to be aggressive, we want to be bold and we’ve got to be able execute in those moments. We’ve got the right people to do it and it will certainly pay dividends for us in the future, we’ve got to be able to execute in those moments, they’re high reward, high risk but with the group we have we’ve got to be able to go nail them.”