Does Trae Young deserve to be an All-Star game starter?


The NBA All-Star game will be here in Atlanta on March 7th and the starters have been named, but one name near and dear to Atlanta was left off of the starters list, Trae Young. Dukes & Bell talked about this, and asked does Trae Young deserve to be an all-star game starter?

Carl talked about why he thinks Trae is an All-Star but not deserving of being a starter in this year’s game.

“Our team has not been good, good enough to get recognized to the degree where Trae last year really differentiated himself as being one of the premier guards in the league and deserved to be a starter.” Dukes said

“He’s an all-star, let’s not fool ourselves, dude’s averaging 25 or 28 or whatever it is and 10 or 15 assists a game but the fact is, is he a starter?”