Should Hawks Mimic Celtics Multiple Shooter Style of Play?

Trae Young can't be the Atlanta Hawks only playmaker
By 92-9 The Game

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and the NBA is sitting back smiling about how successful their bubble has been since its inception.

The Boston Celtics have been on display as a team that can compete for a championship, and that mainly is because they have multiple guys who can create with the ball in their hands.

Kurt Helin, of, joined The Jon Chuckery Show Tuesday to give some insight as to why the Atlanta Hawks should mimic what the Celtics have done.

"That style of multiple shooters, being able to attack in different ways, is where the league is evolving," Helin said.

It is clear that the Hawks need another guy that can create with the ball in his hands. When Trae Young wasn't on the floor, they struggled to put the ball in the basket. Thankfully, the Hawks have two options on the horizon that could possibly fix this.

They can either do it through the NBA draft, or they can survey the trade market. Given the need for this team to get to the playoffs, it may be in their best interest to choose the latter.