You can't just trade John Collins for 'pennies on the dollar'


The Atlanta Hawks are in pretty big predicament right now. They have a player in John Collins who is looking for a new contract. Also, he is set to become a restricted free agent.

Collins has made it very clear that he is a max player. So far this season, Collins' numbers have been down. He is averaging 17 points and seven rebounds, which seems like a few steps away from the double-double he was averaging in 2020. With Collins wanting a max deal, he's certainly not making the best case for the Hawks to reconsider cutting the check.

Now, as we are approaching the trade deadline, there have been some rumblings about the Hawks letting Collins walk and not getting anything in return for him. A guy like that might be interesting in an open trade market. But Jon Chuckery isn't really interested in just getting anyone in return for the Hawks. "I'm not giving up John Collins for pennies on the dollar," Chuckery said.

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Given where Collins was drafted, there almost has to be more of a reserved approach toward trading a first-round pick that you drafted.   We are about a month away from the trade deadline and it will be interesting to see if the Hawks actually make a move.