Atlanta United Looking For Creativity Without Pity Martinez

A lot is going to be placed on the shoulders of Barco according to United Manager Stephen Glass

Atlanta United's first game without Pity Martinez mid-week against Inter Miami showcased exactly what Pity brought to the team, his quality and ability to create chances.

In the team's next match without Pity, coming up this Saturday at Orlando City, the focus once again will be on United's attack and if they can get anything going without the play-making abilities of Pity on the field.

Atlanta United's Interim Manager Stephen Glass joined John and Hugh and spoke about who he's expecting to step up and replace the production that Pity Martinez provided.

"The fortunate thing for us is Barco is coming back. We're looking at him being the spark. He's back and it's a great opportunity for a guy like that to be the guy."

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