Lisandro Lopez would be key addition for United

The Argentinean striker may have been a direct request of new Manager Gabrielle Heinze

Earlier this week reports began to surface both in Atlanta and out of Argentina that Atlanta United might be close to adding Argentinean striker Lisandro Lopez.

Lopez, who is a 37-year old striker, spent most of his time in Europe with major clubs like Lyon and Porto, and also made a number of appearances for the Argentinean National Team.

The reports have Lopez possibly signing a one-year deal. It's also assumed that new manager Gabrielle Heinze may have directly requested the addition of Lisandro Lopez.

Atlanta United analyst Jason Longshore takes a look at the reported addition of Lopez and why he'd be a very important piece for United in Heinze's first year.

"It's a huge deal if all the reports are accurate," says Longshore. "Lopez would be coming in at the senior minimum, wouldn't affect your salary cap, and for a guy who has been a captain and a symbol at Racing, to get somebody like that with a new manager it just helps everything move forward."

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