At Some Point Bennett to Pickens Needs To Be A Thing


Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by College Football Gametime Host Chris Goforth who previewed Saturday night’s primetime game between #3 Georgia and #2 Alabama.

“One of the things I think is going to have to happen whether it comes this week or at some point in time down the road, but eventually someone is going to force Stetson Bennett to have to make that throw downfield. There is a lot of short dink and dunk kind of throws right now to backs out of the backfield and throwing to the tight end and Randy I know you love to see that but at some point someone is going to make you prove that you can get the ball to George Pickens on a consistent basis,” Goforth added after talking about the need for Georgia to get the run game going against Alabama.

Goforth also talked to Andy and Randy about the deep rotation for Georgia’s defensive front and the number of playmakers Alabama has on offense.