College Football Gametime Podcast: Next UGA AD + SEC Openings

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Our College Football Gametime Podcast this week welcomes longtime SEC football writer and current member of Dawg Nation, Mike Griffith. You can hear Mike every week with John and Hugh on Monday mornings on 92-9 The Game. It was great to visit with Mike and get some time to deep dive on a few topics around Georgia football and the SEC.

It appears Kirby Smart has found himself a quarterback in the USC transfer JT Daniels.  Daniels has made the UGA offense more explosive the last two weeks since he took over the starting job.  So much so that D’wan Mathis has decided to transfer.  Mathis is from Oak Park Michigan.  Given the struggles at both Michigan and Michigan State, it wouldn’t be surprising if Mathis ends up back in Big 10 country next year.

A few other notes from around the conference this week.  Sounds like South Carolina is getting close to deciding on a head coach.  Shane Beamer, the son of former Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer, is thought to be the front runner.  Don’t count out Louisville’s Scott Satterfield.  Don’t buy into the twitter statement from Satterfield last week. He was scheduled to interview at South Carolina.  Worst case Satterfield gets a raise out of this.  He is still in consideration for this job.

Beamer was at South Carolina during the glory years of Steve Spurrier.  He was the Recruiting Coordinator and played a big role in bringing in Gordon, Lattimore, Clowney and others to Columbia.  More than anything he is a guy that wants to be at South Carolina and that seems to be important to South Carolina people.  Beamer has also built strong support among former players and has continued to work to build and strengthen relationships around that program even during his time away.  If he gets the job, he’ll take less money than Hugh Freeze and others.  Instead he will choose to invest in a coaching staff that is believed to include former Louisville and Texas Head Coach Charlie Strong.

Wish we had more time this week because I’d really like to get in to what’s going on at Vandy.  Derrick Mason was given the boot early in the week.  Doesn’t matter who Vandy hires, they won’t have any sort of consistent success there until the administration decides to invest in football.  Mike Griffith in our conversation this week mentioned some of the reasons why Vandy struggles.  Let me give you a few more.  Their stadium has vinyl siding on the outside.  I’m not kidding.  The locker rooms have wooden lockers that have been there at least 20-years.  Until Vandy is willing to invest in athletics and in football particularly, it’s not going to matter who the football coach is.

Thanks again to Mike Griffith for joining us this week and make sure you check out his writing at  Join myself along with Jon Chuckery and Randy McMichael for College Football Gametime, Saturday morning from 9am-12pm.

Enjoy your week!