How will Auburn attack the UGA defense?

By 92-9 The Game

Former Auburn QB and current Auburn radio network analyst Jason Campbell joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Aurburn-Georgia on Saturday and how will Auburn try to attack the UGA defense?

Campbell talked about if Auburn will try to beat UGA through the air.

“You think about Bo and his growth he’s very comfortable throwing the ball to his wideouts," said Campbell. "We have Eli Stove, Anthony Schwartz who is probably one of the fastest guys in college football. Tyson Campbell would know that the defensive back for Georgia, they went to school together and knew everything about each other from that standpoint in high school. So he understands the speed that this kid has."

“Can you win on the road in Georgia against a really good defense just throwing the ball? I think you have to do more because I don’t think this is a defense you just line up and feel like you just drop back and throw completion after completion because of the simple fact we are trying to break in a new offensive line and Georgia’s defensive front can cause some problems," Campbell continued. "So that would be reason to say I don’t think we can line up and go one dimensional against a team like that and just say we can go win the game.”