Is George Pickens the best WR in the SEC?


As part of Dukes and Bell’s SEC Preview, brought to you by Engineered Solutions of Georgia, a proud partner of the Georgia Bulldogs, SEC Network Analyst DJ Shockley joined the show to talk about who could start at quarterback Week 1 for UGA, how good can George Pickens be, plus can Arkansas keep it close with the Dawgs?

Shockley talked about just how good George Pickens is.

“He can easily be top three, no doubt about it. What he can do with his size, his frame, his speed, he will only continue to get better,” Shockley said. “You think about it as a freshman he was just understanding how to run his particular route. Now hearing him talk, he talks about I understand coverage, I understand leverage, I understand where the quarterback wants me to be. So that’s only going to make him a better receiver coming into his sophomore year.”

“Hopefully whoever is at that quarterback position develops fast enough to understand, he’s my guy, he’s my number one," said the former Dawgs QB. "The thing that I look at is yeah Pickens can be really good but there are going to be teams who are going to cloud him, they’re going double him, they’re going to make sure that he doesn’t get those easy catches he got last year. Who's going to be that No. 2 guy?”