To Play Or Not Is Ultimate Big Ten-SEC Showdown


On Tuesday the Big Ten announced they would be postponing the season and hoping to play in the fall, and the Pac 12 joined them in that decision.

The Big 12, SEC, and ACC all seem poised to attempt to play out the season in the fall, and that charge is unquestionably being led by the SEC.

SEC Statement

John and Hugh take a look at the power struggle between two of the big boys in the Power Five, the SEC and the Big Ten, and how who plays and doesn't play is a big step towards who is the big dog.

“It sounds like the SEC might be (alpha)," says Hugh Douglas, "because they’re still trying to make plans to play this year. That should tell you who is the big dog."

"There has been a lot of push me pull you over the course of time between these powerhouse conferences as to who is the real big dog," says Fricke. "The SEC was mad at the Big Ten for jumping the gun on its schedule and mad at the Big Ten again for jumping the gun on shutting things down."