What does Stetson Bennett have to do for Georgia to beat Bama?


The guys hit the Dawg Report, Georgia heads to Tuscaloosa on Saturday night to take on Alabama as Kirby Smart is looking for his first win against the team he once resided over the defense for years. The guys on Dukes & Bell talked what they think Georgia needs to do to get a win against the Crimson Tide.

Carl talked about what the Dawgs need to do on offense to win Saturday night.

“This game if you look at it, and look at the history of Saban, I believe this comes down to Alabama and how they’re gonna try to speed up and rush Stetson Bennett.” Dukes said “They want to make sure that he starts to make mistakes, and the way they’re going to do it is they’re going to bring linebacker blitzes and they’re going to be blitzing him. Here’s what Alabama doesn’t believe about Stetson Bennett, he’s not a mobile quarterback, he is a guy that will get pressure and fold up, he’s not a guy that will escape pressure and turn it into a 30-40 yard gain.”

“Without that threat they don’t have to spy, without spying that means blitzes. So now Stetson Bennett is going to have to do a couple of things, one take your sacks, throw it away, do not turn it over. But two, that also means Todd Monken is going to have shots down the field with one on one situations if they’re bringing blitzes with Jackson and Pickens and I like my chances with both of those guys.”