Mariah Carey dishes the dirt on dating Derek Jeter in her new memoir


The sordid details of Derek Jeter’s oft-discussed love life are few and far between in the public eye…until now.

In her new memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” which dropped on Tuesday, the multi-platinum Diva dishes on a lot of dirt from her past, including how she and The Captain started hitting it off before she was a single lady, in the late stages of her divorce from record executive Tommy Mottola.

As Carey writes in the book, she met Jeter at a dinner party in 1997 – and initially, he wasn't exactly her Dreamlover.

"He didn't have the New York slick vibe that I had become so accustomed to," she wrote, according to TooFab. "I'm not being shady, but he had on pointy shoes."

Apparently, though, she wasn't wrong when she sang that Love Takes Time; when the pair bonded over their commonality of being biracial, Mariah had a Vision of Love, and began to see Derek as “closer to a Prince Charming,” enlisting the help of her assistant to begin a clandestine friendship-turned-relationship.

“We’d stage an errand and leave in her car, and I would talk to him. Sometimes we would go to her house, and I’d sit in her modest little living room and talk to him in a whisper – I was that afraid of Tommy,” Carey wrote.

Soon enough, Fantasy became reality with a rooftop date and their first kiss – a “warm, slow, intoxicating” smooch that is reportedly the impetus for her song “The Roof” – but nothing more, as Mimi didn’t want to “cheapen our romance by cheating on my marriage.”

Mariah later followed The Captain to Puerto Rico, where she booked a villa and spent a night with DJ that “was the sexiest moment without sex,” and once Mottola and Mariah were officially splitsville, all bets were off – and so was she, this time to Tampa to finally Make It Happen and enjoy the coital caress of the kid from Kalamazoo.

Carey admits that Jeter was indeed No. 2 – as in the second man she had ever been with – and their first carnal encounter was “so sensual” on that One Sweet Day.

"Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey-dipped skin. It was how it was supposed to feel," she penned.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so, too, did the Ballad of Derek and Mariah, as she realized he wouldn't Always Be Her Baby.

“Very soon it became clear we weren't meant for the long run," she wrote. “It’s hard for two stars to live up to each other’s fantasies.”

And then, an ode for love lost, but not forgotten or meant to be.

"He was in the right place at the right time, and he was there for the right purpose…DJ was a love in my life, not of my life."

‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than not loved at all.

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