Mark Cuban says Trump hate isn't personal: 'I think he's an idiot'


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not shy when it comes to his feelings about President Donald Trump.

But his latest criticism may be his harshest yet.

“Look, personally I don’t have a problem with the guy,” he said on the “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast on Wednesday. “Now professionally, as the president, I think he’s an idiot. You know, I never thought he was smart in talking to him.”

Cuban, who has expressed presidential aspirations of his own, also said that Trump was actually the first one to tell the Shark Tank star he should run for president.

Cuban has previously said he considered a 2020 run, but ultimately decided against for family reasons.

While the Mavs owner has been a sharp critic of the president and is a supporter of Joe Biden, he was actually supportive when Trump ran in 2016, saying his campaign was the “best thing to happen in politics because he speaks his mind.”

Cuban said on the podcast that he liked the idea of someone who is not a politician throwing their hat in the ring, but never imagined Trump would actually win and thinks he won "by accident."

“I had no inkling that he might win. And so we would talk all the time after I said that, because I was supporting him,” Cuban said. “Because again, I didn’t think he would win. And then as I started talking to him more about things, I asked him questions about real estate and he didn’t really understand the financial side of real estate …. It was just clear he wasn’t somebody who learned about anything. That’s where we kind of had our falling out.”

While the two no longer have a good relationship, Trump did tab on Cuban to join a call with the commissioners of all the major sports leagues when discussing plans on how to re-open sports amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m here to help on his council,” Cuban said at the time. “Whatever I can do as an American.”

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