If he plays Sunday, will Patrick Mahomes be the same player after a concussion?

By and 92-9 The Game

CBS NFL Analyst Bryant McFadden joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the Falcons hires, Bucs-Packers and what to expect from Patrick Mahomes on Sunday if he plays in the AFC Championship game against the Bills.

Bryant talked about how we might not see the Mahomes we’re use to against the Bills.

“If Pat Mahomes is cleared to play, trust me I’ve been concussed a few times in my career, when they say you’re cleared, you’re still not cleared.” McFadden said “It’s almost like having that bigger brother in your house and he’s always hitting you in your head when he’s walking by and now you flinch because you think he’s going to hit you, that’s the same affect when you get concussed. Anytime someone’s around you just flinch because you don’t want to go thru the same heals that you went thru when you got concussed.”

“Even though he might be cleared to play I don’t expect him to be as efficient as he’s been because when you get concussed that lingers with you for a few weeks.”