Mike Francesa: Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay 'Gutless' in Super Bowl Play-Calling


NEW YORK (WFAN.com) -- Super Bowl LIII left much to be desired on the offensive side of the football. The Los Angeles Rams scored just three points. The New England Patriots had just one touchdown. It was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever

It was the Rams' high-powered offense, though, that was particularly awful. Mike Francesa broke down how bad it was.

"I was very disappointed in (Rams coach Sean) McVay," Francesa said Monday at the start of his show. "I was very disappointed in how he attacked. I thought he would come out with a different look in the second half. He did not. Their game plan was terrible. Not to say the Rams didn't have opportunities. They did.

"The one that will haunt the Rams, at 3-0, before he (quarterback Jared Goff) takes the sack and they still make the field goal and now it's 3-3, he has (wide receiver Brandin) Cooks in the middle of the end zone. I don't mean open, I mean open by 25 yards. He finally sees him. I mean, there is nobody around him, and then he launches this lollipop. By the time it gets down there, he overthrows it and the defender is there to break it up. I mean, it was a stone walk-in touchdown. You could have thrown it, I could have thrown it, the guy in the 15th row could have thrown it. That's how wide open he was. A high school kid could have thrown it. It was a complete breakdown, and he never saw it until it was way too late." 

There was one play in particular that drove Francesa wild -- and he went off in classic Mike fashion. 

"Here's the play that I'm going to get on McVay on that drove me absolutely bonkers," Francesa said. "Third-and-22. I think there was 10 minutes left in the game. You are now in a 3-3 game. You are in the Super Bowl. You have an offense that was No. 2 in the league in plays over 20 yards. You're an offensive coach. There is 10:33 left in a 3-3 game, and you run a give-up hand-off and punt the ball back to Tom Brady, in the Super Bowl? You don't try to get a first down in a 3-3 game with 10 minutes left? You had a big-time offense all year. You had open receivers in this game many times downfield. On third-and-22, you give up and run it into the line to punt and give it to Tom Brady? Who then proceeds to go boom, boom.

"Gutless!" Francesa continued. "You can't play the Super Bowl that way. Try to win it! What you got was it shoved down your throat after that. What you said is, 'My terrible QB can't make a play if I try here. He's going to sack and fumble it or he's going to get picked.' That's what your coach was saying to your QB there. Because that's a give-up in the Super Bowl with 10 minutes left in a tie game. Try to win the game! If you don't, you know what? Fine. But try! Have some guts! That was a gutless call. I lost a lot of respect for him in that spot."