'Red panties, red panties!': Tom Brady audible turns heads


Quarterbacks say the darndest things.

Bucs QB Tom Brady caught the attention of perceptive viewers on Monday night when he was heard shouting out a bizarre audible.

The legendary signal-caller appeared to call out "red panties, red panties!" during a pre-snap read of the opposing Los Angeles Rams' defense.

More than a few observers took note of Brady's racy call.

NFL quarterbacks have long barked out nonsensical messages to their teammates in order to change plays.

But the rise in on-field cameras and microphones plus the relative silence in stadiums owing to the absence of fans have made the sounds of the games perceptible in new ways.

One of the most memorable cases of audible chicanery in recent vintage was Peyton Manning's infamous "Omaha!" call, while he was directing the Denver Broncos' offense.

Countless QBs have since invoked all matter of references since then, including a series of pop culture-inspired calls used a couple years ago by the Rams' Jared Goff.

The light-hearted moment on Monday night came in an otherwise frustrating game for Brady and the Bucs, who fell to 7-4 with the loss. The future Hall of Famer completed 26 of 48 attempts with two touchdowns and a pick.