'Why Keep Screwing Up Season After Season?' Spring Football Is Not An Option

If you can't play in Fall, you can't play in Spring

The Big Ten and Pac 12 made some waves when they announced they were postponing their fall season late last week and would be aiming to participate in a spring football season.

Many have wondered how a spring season would work and if it would work at all and on Thursday Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm supplied his vision for how a spring season could work in the Big Ten.

So far, the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are still planning to play football in the fall and many people believe it's because they feel it's fall football or no football, that playing in the spring isn't an option.

Among those who don't feel like spring football is an option is Cecil Hurt, who covers Alabama and the SEC for the Tuscaloosa News, and he joined John and Hugh on Friday morning to explain why.

"How many seasons are you going to mess up," questions Cecil Hurt. "You're going to give up '20, shorten your regular season in '21 in the fall, not have spring practice in '22, so you're going to affect your '22 season. At what point do you just bite the bullet? Why keep screwing up season after season?

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