Would SEC Play Season Solo?


Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday to talk about whether the SEC would play if they were the only Power-5 conference willing to, and whether all the schools in the conference want to play this season.

Plus what are Power-5 Coaches telling him?

Barnhart talked about whether the SEC would still play if the Big-12 and ACC followed suit with the Big Ten and Pac-12.

“I don’t think they would," Barnhart said. "Commissioner Sankey said yesterday 'Could we do it? Yes. Would we do it? Probably not the best way to go.' As brother Mike Bell would tell you, the optics would not be very good if you do that.”

Barnhart also said: “All of a sudden all of these other people aren’t playing and you’re out there as the Lone Ranger. The SEC is the conference, if anybody could pull it off, sure it’s a strong entity unto itself. But my feeling is they would not do it.”