A limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines continues to constrain rollout in LA County


A limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines continues to constrain the rollout in LA County.

Everyone can use some advice on what you need to know - before and after - you receive the COVID vaccine.

Speaking to the Board of Supervisors, County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said every week they receive a new allocation from the state - averaging between 110,000 and 160,000 doses.

"You can easily see how hard it is to be able to vaccinate, at this point, the 2 million plus people that are eligible to be vaccinated," she says.

That includes healthcare workers and residents 65 and older, who will also need a second dose.

"So the first thing we do, with any allocation that we get for the following week, is we work with everybody at the vaccination site to identify how many people are going to need to have appointments to come back for their second doses and then we make sure everybody is guaranteed, at those vaccination sites, those second doses," she says.

Ferrer said what’s left over goes to new appointments for first doses.

At the rate things have been going, she said nobody has been willing to schedule out past one week but she thinks Feb. will be more predictable especially if a 3rd vaccine is given emergency use authorization.