Who knew Michael Bublé is a huge Deftones fan?

'I am absolutely loving the new record Ohms!'
Michael Bublé
Photo credit Getty Images

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, well known for his smooth as silk voice and affinity for the winter holidays, apparently has a bit of a metal edge.

According to a recent post on his Instagram story, he’s really feeling the new Deftones album, Ohms.

The singer was beyond excited after getting a package in the mail from the California-based band, who just released their ninth studio album at the end of September.

"Thank you @deftones for the swag!" he said, while tagging all of the members so they got his message. "I am absolutely loving the new record Ohms!" You can check out a screenshot here.

While we certainly agree with his take about the new Deftones, we're going to stop short of hoping for a collaboration. Just because David Hasselhoff went metal recently, that doesn't mean anyone asked for it!

This isn’t the first time Bublé’s raved about the band. After the release of their previous album, 2016’s Gore, Bublé tweeted, "A big congrats to my buds @deftones on making an incredible record!!!"

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