Dr. Christopher Ohl from Wake Forest Baptist Health Talks About the New Coronavirus

By 93.1 The Wolf
Is it time to freak out, or is all the talk about COVID-19 just a bunch of media-driven hysteria? Dr. Chris Ohl breaks it all down in this conversation. Here are a few of the questions Dr. Ohl answers for us:
  • How does COVID-19 compare to the flu? Is it worse? Are the sypmptoms the same? Is it seasonal like the flu?
  • If I get really sick today, but I haven't traveled or been in contact with anyone with coronavirus, should I be tested for it anyway?
  • Hasn't the coronavirus been around forever? Why is it such a big deal now?
  • Does Corona beer cause coronavirus? Is more research in this area needed? :)
  • Who is at highest risk of seriuos complications or death from this virus?
  • Why aren't kids getting very sick with this new virus?
  • If/when this virus becomes widespread in our community, how might that affect our daily lives?
  • If/when it becomes widespread, how can I avoid getting it?
  • What about travel? Is it save to plan our vacation? Is there anywhere we should definitely avoid?
  • Is there any reason a healthy person should wear a mask?