Headlines For Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Rise Guys
By 93.3 The Planet

6 am Headlines

A Colorado diner charges a customer for a stupid question.https://fxn.ws/36EKAZ0

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "Stepping Back" from the Royal Family.http://bit.ly/2Nbo9mD


7 am Headlines

Texts telling people they’ve just been drafted into the Army are fake.http://bit.ly/36DZy1C

A Guy Steals His Elderly Mom's Electronics and Holds Them for Ransomhttp://bit.ly/39VbrlG

Green Day wants to play in your backyard, only if you live in California.http://bit.ly/2FvhTlB


9 am Headlines

One in five people believes aliens are currently living on earth.http://bit.ly/37OzoJF

This dog harness wants you to know how your pup is feeling.https://cnet.co/2uBF6jX