Headlines For Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

The Rise Guys
By 93.3 The Planet

6 am Headlines


Kim Kardashian is "so humbled and blessed" that she can escape the Coronavirus on a private island on her birthday.https://bit.ly/35Ewyrf

Four tech skills Grandparents added in 2020.https://bit.ly/3jyA8rF 

7 am Headlines 

Amazon reports that "tens of millions" of people streamed "Borat 2" over the weekend, but they wouldn't give exact numbers. https://bit.ly/3kEY3an


9 am Headlines


New dating terms thanks to the Coronavirus.https://bit.ly/34AMjA7

Thieves broke into an Escape Room in the Netherlands last week and cracked a giant safe inside but they didn't realize it was part of the puzzle, so all they found inside were riddles.https://bit.ly/35EPqGt

The average kid begs for a puppy 1,584 times.https://bit.ly/3kBeFjb