Headlines For Friday, October 30, 2020

Rise Guys Headlines
By 93.3 The Planet

6 am Headlines


Paul Rudd was handing out cookies to people standing in line in the rain and waiting to vote in NY. http://dailym.ai/3mw3aKo

An HOA tells a homeowner that her pole-dancing skeletons must be removed.https://abc13.co/3e7w8NY


7 am Headlines

Scarlett Johanson and "SNL's" Colin Jost got married last weekend.https://bit.ly/34GXQ0Y

Here are ten quick stats for Halloween 2020:https://bit.ly/35IIRTohttps://bit.ly/37PAqsa


Check out a new movie that takes place in our fourth year of lockdown.https://bit.ly/2GasbeG


9 am Headlines 

The injuries were so severe, the victim’s scalp was “hanging from his head and his right ear was torn in half.”  https://bit.ly/2TzKdKF

Lark Voorhies will return as Lisa Turtle on the new "Saved by the Bell". https://bit.ly/37WsB3U

Kanye gave Kim a Hologram of her dead dad.https://bit.ly/3mAVaIb