Man goes viral after bringing strange food item thought up in his dreams to life

The item known as a “King’s Hand’ includes M&M cookies and salad
Photo credit daveswallace

While often times an occurrence in a dream can seem extremely important, most are quickly forgotten once the person having the dream awakens. Still, some people find it important to remember their dreams, in case it inspires something in the future. However, one man recently proved not all dreams are important, after creating a culinary disaster thought up while he was sleeping.

A twitter user recently went viral after sharing pictures of a food concoction he thought up while dreaming. According to the user, he “had a dream where there was a food called ‘King’s Hand,’ a hollow hand made of m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad.” While most wouldn’t think to combine those items, he did so and most online agree it’s probably an item they likely won’t try.

Of course, some seemed on board with the odd concoction, mainly for the artistry of the cookie hand. Still, for the twitter user, the experience seemed worth it, as the photos included an image of the person trying the ‘King’s Hand.’ Hopefully this item doesn’t start popping up in restaurants.

Via Fox News