Bob Huggins Suggests NCAA Tournament Begin The 20-21 Season

By 93.7 The Fan

Pittsburgh (93.7 The Fan) - Leave it Bob Huggins to come up with a plan to play  this year's NCAA Tournament. The West Virginia coach believes there is no better way to tip off the 2020-21 basketball season than with the tournament that was canceled in March.  Huggins proposed his idea on The Cook and Joe Show Thursday.

"Let's have the NCAA Tournament start the season," Huggins said.  "Let's face it, there's a great chance we're not going to have college football.  Putting that many people together is going to be rough.  I wouldn't want to have to make that decision. So, why don't we start the season off with the NCAA Tournament?  (The NCAA) can get its money and distribute it to the schools.  It solves a lot of problems."

But could it realistically be done?  Huggins said the selection committee had nearly completed its work when the tournament was called off and questions surrounded only a few teams.

'They know who was in it and who was going to play who.  They know where we were going to play.  What, it's going to take three weekends?  Big deal. Really, kids aren't going to miss class that much.  You're going to basically play on the weekends."

Huggins shrugged off any potential hard feelings.

"It would affect the low-majors and mid-majors, I think, to a degree," Huggins said.  "Generally speaking, their NCAA representative is their conference tournament winner.  Heck, let them have their own tournament.  Let them play their conference tournament."

Also under Huggins' proposal, seniors on last season's teams would be permitted to play in the tournament games.

"I think your underclassmen would start classes, but your seniors have already graduated.  It's not a big deal.  Let them come back and play.  Why can't you make it their choice?  We had three seniors.  I guarantee you all three would want to play, and it would fill a void that was left when they couldn't play.  I don't see what that would hurt to let those guys play."

Huggins said a couple of weeks of practice would get players ready for quality games, and "let's go play."



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