Burnett Looks Back At The 2013 Wild Card Game, Pirates Career

Pittsburgh Pirates
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By 93.7 The Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Former Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher A.J Burnett joined Dan Zangrilli Sunday morning to look back at his time with the Pirates and what he has been up to since his baseball career ended.

The conversation starts off with what life is like now during the Coronavirus Pandemic and A.J reminds people to just help each other out during this time we are living in right now.

AT&T Sportsnet recently aired the national telecast of the 2013 NL Wild Card Game and The Fan will be airing the radio call this week and A.J has had a chance to sit down and watch that game and he gets into what he remembers most about that atmosphere.

"It's one of the greatest games," said Burnett. "I was talking with Jimmy T...I was like man if we had that crowd every home game we might have won every single home game. That's how powerful that crowd was that game."

Looking back at the game, A.J was really impressed with what fellow Starting Pitcher Francisco Liriano was able to do against that Cincinnati Reds lineup.

"They had some really good hitters on that team and he (Liriano) just made them all look silly," said Burnett. "From pitch one he had complete control and it's completely different watching on T.V than in the dugout, so we really got to see his stuff work. We called him filthy for a reason."

Before the game, they weren't sure if Liriano was going to be able to go, but Burnett said he knew that Liriano wasn't going to let anyone else take the ball that night if he could make itto the mound.

They get into the differences between the game when he played compared to today's game and how would a player with Burnett's personality handle today's style of game.

They wrap up the conversation asking, Will he get back in to the game as a coach?

"There's a chance yeah, I'd say there's a chance," said Burnett. "I'm going to have to start paying attention a little more because the game's changed too much to figure out wha't s going on these days."

Maybe in Pittsburgh?

"One thing that always enters my mind about that 2013 Wild Card game is that I wish we could have went further, I wish we could have taken it further for the city of Pittsburgh," said Burnett. "So, if I ever had the opportunity to come back and coach and maybe take a team further than we went that year that would be special for me as well. It be different as a player, than as a coach, but I wish we could have went further man. So, I think maybe a possibility that I could come back and be a coach at some point....At least show up at spring here and there, hang around the pitchers, do something like that where I could just drop some (information) on them."

Listen to the entire conversation Dan Zangrilli had with A.J Burnett below: