Dunlap: Wolf "Out of His Mind" With Fall Sports Recommendation

By 93.7 The Fan
PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The Fan Morning Show's Colin Dunlap is fed up with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, following the chief executive's recommendation Thursday that high school sports should not be played until January 2021.

Colin tore into Wolf on Friday, encouraging the PIAA to play fall sports anyways, trusting in the protocols they have already put in place.

"It's time for the PIAA today, to tell the Governor to jump in a lake," Colin said. "Tell him to take a hike. Tell him we got this, and tell him it's our decision and we're going to do it."

Colin went on to say that Wolf has no right to tell track or golf athletes that their seasons will not be played, considering those sports have been permitted for the public and can be done so with social distancing guidelines.

"Who the hell is Tom Wolf to tell any 17-year-old kid that they can't play tennis or go out an play golf? Who is he to do that? Who gave this man this power he thinks he has?"

Colin did concede that he would understand and listen to concerns about football, considering the large crowds that gather at games and physical nature of the sport.

Listen to Colin's entire rant over Gov. Wolf's recommendation from The Fan Morning Show at the link below.