Pirates Manager Will Watch KBO

Korean pitcher
Photo credit Andrew West/The USA Today Network-Imagn Content Services, LLC
By 93.7 The Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) – Starting Tuesday at 1AM EST, live baseball returns to national television.  ESPN will broadcast the Korea Baseball Organization Opening Day matchup between the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions.

“I think it is interesting,” said Pirates manager Derek Shelton.  “I’m a baseball fan, when they do come out it will be exciting to watch.”

Shelton said it’s tough to watch the great moments of Major League Baseball over and over again on TV.

“To have games that are live and you know there are some guys on those teams that have played in the major leagues,” Shelton said.  “So you have a little bit of knowledge of them.  It gets the juices flowing.”

It’s not the first time Shelton will watch games that have no direct bearing on his season.

“I’ve been known to watch Caribbean World Series games in Spanish in the winter when I get bored,” Shelton said.  “Watching a Korean game or Japanese game, I’m excited to watch live baseball.”

Shelton said even though he doesn’t speak the language, you can figure out what is going on.

“I get the excitement when someone hits a homer or someone punches out,” Shelton said.  “My wife has actually walked down a couple of times in past winters and said ‘you don’t speak Spanish, why are you watching this’?”

“It’s baseball, anytime you get a chance to watch live baseball, it’s good.”

Shelton could claim to his wife and family, that watching is work related.  Even though he doesn’t know anyone personally playing in the KBO. He will watch to see the details for how other organizations come back from the pandemic.

“The game is played a little bit different,” Shelton said.  “It will give me the opportunity to watch games and how they’re managed differently.” 

“That’s always interesting to me.  I like to talk to different guys about their managerial styles.  To watch a game that is managed a little differently than we do will be interesting.”