Frank Pietrangelo Weighs In On Penguins Goalie Rotation

By 93.7 The Fan
PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Known best for his shining career moment "The Save" former Penguins goaltender Frank Pietrangelo joined The Fan Morning Show Tuesday to talk about this current crop of goalies for the struggling Penguins.

Pietrangelo is still a huge Pens fan and in his evaluation of the goalie rotation, gave his pick as to who he thinks should win out in the end.

"I'm sure these discussions are going on daily within the staff, trying to prepare somebody for the playoffs. I don't know where they go with us to be honest with you. I mean, Jarry has had a great season. He's an All-Star and everything else," Pietrangelo said. 

"Having said that, my gut says that Murray is your guy. You go with him and if he falters you've got Jarry. [Murray's] experience speaks for itself, he's won two Stanley Cups. Can Jarry do what Murray has done in the past? Those are the unknowns."            

As far as the downturn in the team's play over the past couple weeks, Frank believes it's just a matter of chemistry.

"This is a good hockey club. I like the moves Jimmy Rutherford has made. I personally think this is just all about jelling and finding the right combinations and system of play. I believe that. I've watched every game and there's been mistakes made and opportunities they've faltered on. I just think it's going to take a little more time to get everybody going."   

Having been in between the pipes himself against great goal scorers, Pietrangelo commented on facing a player like Alex Ovechkin and whether Tristan Jarry needs to get in there to see that shot in-person before potentially facing it in the playoffs. 

"Well, let's be honest, Ovechkin, if you have a rink right in front of you right now on a piece of paper, you know exactly where he's standing, where he's going to shoot from every single time he's on the ice. And the guy has 700 goals so obviously he's doing something right. When the puck leaves his stick, it's a little bit different than everyone else's, right?

I kind of compare it to Brett Hull when he first came into the league. They all talked about how hard he shot and everything else and until you actually saw it. it got on you so quickly and was such a heavy shot that even if you got a piece of it, it kind of went through you. So, maybe Ovie's similar to that. I would think he is."         

You can hear the entire interview with former Penguins goalie Frank Pietrangelo on The Fan Morning Show below. 
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