Jason Mackey: Coronavirus Closing Clubhouses and Glasnow on Old Pirates Ways

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Photo credit John David Mercer USA Today
By 93.7 The Fan

The talk of the world has been about the Coronavirus and now it’s hitting the world of sports.


Post-Gazette Pirates Beat Writer Jason Mackey joined the Cook and Joe Show on Tuesday from Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, Florida where the Pittsburgh Pirates are playing the Detroit Tigers in a Grapefruit League game in Spring training.


The guys are wondering if the reports are true that the clubhouse has been closed to the media.


“There is a sign outside the door that say no entry beyond this point,’ Mackey told the guys. “Basically everything that happens from this point forward is going to have to be on the field.”


Mackey told the guys that he is not sure what kind of access they will have but it will be on the media to make requests and try and get those players to come out to speak. He expects this will be a temporary thing and not something that is permanent. He would expect the BBWA (Baseball Writers Association) to fight so that the coronavirus is not used as leverage to make media banned moving forward


“I think it’s just too much of a part of what we do,” Mackey added. “I just think we have to whether the storm here. It’s going to be weird for a couple of weeks but I think we all capable of still being able to do our jobs.”


And his job is to be there to cover the Pirates…so let’s talk baseball and his article on former Pirates pitcher Tyler Glasnow saying the Pirates were behind the times in getting pitchers ready.


“Glasnow was not mad,” Mackey added. “Nor should he be. He got the heck out of here and he was happy about that.”


 Mackey told the guys it was an off the record conversation with another player that suggested the Pirates were behind the times in the way they got pitchers ready and when he struggled to get anyone to confirm that publically he went to speak with Tyler Galsnow expecting he would talk because it affected him.


“They were behind the times,” Mackey added. “I know when I get asked about the Pirates and how they are going to do and I like generally come in around .500 they are going to flirt with .500. That’s one of the reasons why. I don’t think people understand just how terrible they were with preparing pitchers last year and they’re just hard headed and stubborn and not willing to change and realizing baseball was different and I think Glasnow kind of explained why. You are trying to factory make pitchers which is never a good thing obviously, You know  they have done their fair share of screwing up talented guys and to the Pirates credit now Oscar Marin their new pitching coach is not thinking anything like that so I do expect that to change.”


So was former Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage to blame for the pitching woes last year? Clint Hurdle? Neal Huntington? Who does this fall on?


Mackey says the blame was shared on all of them


“It sound s like I’m trying to bury the old regime…I’m Not” Mackey said. “I think they did a lot of great things and they were you know beyond the curve or ahead of the curve for a period of time. I just don’t think they evolved they should have and maybe it was thinking what they were doing is right and that’s kinda what Glasnow said it and you know a stubbornness and arrogance whatever you want to call it they just did not have a next move.”


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