Mike Florio Gives A National And Legal Perspective On Myles Garrett Attacking Mason Rudolph

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - We're hearing every perspective on Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with his helmet yesterday, so The PM Team reached out to Mike Florio, founder of ProFootballTalk.com to get his unique national perspective on the incident, but also to tap into his legal background to get answers about what could happen next.

So could there by criminal charges pressed against Garrett for his actions?

"It absolutely is criminal.  Look, plenty of criminal things happen that never get charged or prosecuted.  People think that a judge in any community is the person who has the most power in the legal system and that's false.  The person with the most power is the prosecutor.  The prosecutor decides who gets charged, what they get charged with, who doesn't get charged, when we're gonna look the other way, when we're gonna throw the book at someone and it is a political process because state level prosecutors aren't appointed, they're elected, and if this had happened in Pittsburgh, he may have been cuffed and stuffed before they even got out of the stadium.  He's lucky it happened in Cleveland."

Mike went on to tell us why he doesn't think there will be any charges.

"I think that in a case like this, yes it fits within the confines or the definition of an assault, but because Mason Rudolph wasn't injured by it, you're not gonna have a prosecution.  If it had knocked him out, if he had gotten a concussion, if it had split his head open, if there had been some injury, then I think there's a greater likelihood that there would be some sort of a prosecution."

On the length of the suspension for Myles Garrett:

"I don't know why the NFL couldn't just come up with a decision on how long Myles Garrett is going to miss.  I don't know that the NFL Players Association is going to push back, but one area where they could, my understanding under the label deal you can't have indefinite suspensions for on-field misconduct...I like the fact that he won't play again this year, the question is how much time will he miss, should he miss in 2020.  You know, the commissioner says all the time that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right.  If you don't have the ability to control that rage and avoid ripping off someone's helmet and hitting him in the head with it...even then you have to ask, do you deserve that privilege of playing in the NFL if you don't have the on/off switch."

Click the audio below to hear more from Florio on this, if he thinks Garrett deserves that privilege, and what he makes of the victim blaming that is being fired at Mason Rudolph.

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