PA High School Fall Sports Approved, No Fans In Attendance

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By 93.7 The Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Fall sports in Pennsylvania are a go, according to the PIAA.

The board voted 29-2 to adopt coronavirus safety protocols for sports that will cover practices and games.

In a release on Wednesday, the organization said a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for all 67 counties in the commonwealth.

Instead, the PIAA says they will be flexible to the “varied approaches” to schools plans to return to sports.

As of right now, fans will not be allowed at high school sporting events and will be limited to athletes, coaches, officials and staff only.

Dates for fall sports starting on time:

Regular Start: First date for heat acclimatization is Monday, August 10.First practice date is Monday, August 17.

 First Contest Date Golf: Thursday, August 20First Contest Date Girls’ Tennis: Monday, August 24.First Contest Date Football: Friday, August 28 (Week “0”)First Contest Date Remaining Fall Sports: Friday, September 4 (CC, GVB, FH, SOC, WP)

Alternative start dates have also been released if schools wish to follow that schedule.

First date of heat acclimatization no earlier than, Monday, August 10.First practice date is no earlier than, Monday, August 17.

Each sport must have the minimum length of preseason completed (3 weeks is the minimum for all sports except golf (3 days) and tennis (1 week) before competition is permitted).

First Contest Date: Monday, September 14 (GOLF, GT, CC, GVB, FH, SOC, WP)First Contest Date: Friday, September 18 (Football)

The board also ruled on Wednesday that if a team has to cancel a game due to COVID-19 it can be ruled  a “non-game” rather than a forfeit.

The PIAA board will meet again on August 26 to determine how things are moving and how to move forward.

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