Pirates Broadcaster Bob Walk Is Recovering From COVID-19

By 93.7 The Fan

Last week Pirates Broadcaster Bob Walk had a bad cough when he joined The Cook and Joe Show and this week he talks about how that was because he was in the final stages of battling COVID-19.

Walk said "Everything has turned out just fine," and he feels fantastic and is looking forward to getting back to work. "I'm trying to stay very calm and quiet until I actually get to go to work."

"I've been realy good about just staying in the house and resting and drinking fluids and al that stuff. I'm gooing to continue that at least through this weekend, but I feel great. I don't feel I would have any limitations to do anything right now. I couldn't feel better."

Walk told Cook & Joe he's very careful, but that he has no idea how he contracted the virus. "I always, always have a mask on. Never take the mask off. I even wait until I get in the car so I can disinfect my hands before I touch my mask to take it off. My wife and I have been extremely careful. The first couple months we were back from Florida, we did nothing but curbside pick-up and home deliveries for food, groceries and all that stuff. We wouldn't even go to a store with a mask on. That's how careful we were being.

"So, that Sunday, on the fifth I believe it was, when I started feeling kind of warm. And then later on my wife took my teperature and I had a low-grade fever, immediately I'm like uh-oh. And sure enough I had caught it somewhere."

The next step for Bob to get back in the broadcast booth is an important one for him. He said, "Legally as far as the government is concerned, I've put in my time. I've been symptom free for quite a while now - well over a week. So, I can move around and do whatever I want. I can go out and be in the public. Before I sit down in a booth or walk into the AT&T studios, I want to be able to test negative, so that everybody can be at ease with me being around and I can be at ease being with all my co-workers. So, I'm waiting at the phone today for a phone call. I have two different doctors working on running me down a test, so that I can get that negative test before the 24th."

He admits as he is waiting for that test he tells the guys the process is not an easy one and is very uncomfortable but something that needs to be done if you have symptoms. He says it’s nothing to take lightly.

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