Steelers Draft Evaluation With Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

By 93.7 The Fan
PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- 93.7 The Fan's Steelers insider Ed Bouchette joined The Fan Morning Show to give his insight into the Steelers draft class in 2020 and how it shapes the team for now and beyond.

In 4th round pick Anthony McFarland Jr, the running back out of Maryland, Ed has seen this movie before. 

"They've had [runing back by committee] in the past. Even when Jerome [Bettis] was here they had Willie Parker. But there's like four or five guys there now. James Conner's the obvious number one and if he holds up, he'll be the horse. They'll sprinkle those other guys in here and there, this kid included.

He's a change of pace, he gives them something different. He's only a 4th round pick so it's not like they spent a high pick on him but I did scratch my head a little bit over that one. We'll see what this guy does. He could be exciting with that kind of speed, he's only 5'8" but that's doesn't really matter a whole lot for running backs unless you're hitting the line a lot but he's low to the ground. Apparently he can catch the ball...we'll see." 

With the selection of Chase Claypool at 49th overall in the second round, there is now added speculation on the future of JuJu Smith-Schuster and whether the Claypool pick adds insurance on potentially losing JuJu after this season.

"The only guy really other than Hines Ward, the only one I believe in this century that they've given a second contract to is Antonio Brown at receiver. They move these guys in and move them out.

The only way they can sign JuJu is right now. I don't see how they can do it after the season because if he has a great season, he's gone. You're not going to afford him, because you're not going to pay him AB money. If he has a terrible season, do you want him, you know? I do think they're hedging their bets here and doing what they've done in the past. Get another receiver, bring him in, replace the guy who's been there for three years." 

As far as where and how Claypool fits in right away...

"I would expect him to have an impact. I mean he has the speed, he has the size. It's not like he's going to take time from Antonio Brown. It's JuJu and a bunch of guys. Well, Diontae Johnson has some promise but, you know, I'd put him (Claypool) at least in the top three right away with that speed and size until he shows maybe he can't do it. We were all talking the same thing about Limas Sweed a number of years ago when they drafted him." 

You can hear the entire conversation and more draft thoughts from Steelers insider Ed Bouchette on The Fan Morning Show, below.        
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