Super Brawl: Patriots Fan Fight Each Other During Super Bowl Parade

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Photo credit © Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports
By 93.7 The Fan

New England Patriots fans can be as passionate as any other fan base in the NFL and with six Super Bowl championships in the past 17 years why shouldn’t they be.

Which makes this brawl on the streets of Boston during Tuesday’s championship parade all the more confusing, why are you guys fighting? You support the same team! You just won a NFL tying 6th championship! Heads up: tweet does contain some strong language. 

Nothing says Boston like a bunch of Pats fans beating the shit out of each other after a championship parade @OnlyInBOS

— Colin Beatt (@Listen2TheBeatt) February 5, 2019

Some observers of the brawl didn’t seem to mind either with someone heard yelling “Knockout” and another saying “go to sleep!”

We’re going to take a shot in the dark here and guess alcohol was possibly involved.

No word on if anyone was seriously injured.

But it wasn’t all bad in Beantown. A group of Pats fans rallied to help this ambulance get free after it was stuck in the mud.

Dozens of Patriots fans took a moment from the parade to help free an ambulance stuck in the mud in Boston Common.❤️--: @ChrisMarino23

— Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) February 5, 2019

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