The Return Of Antonio Brown?

By 93.7 The Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- While still not official as of Thursday morning, the rumors have already begun to swirl as to who Tom Brady is going to take with him to Tampa Bay when he signs with the Buccaneers.

The most interesting name of course...Antonio Brown. Brady has expressed his love from Brown and has said the two are still close from the brief time Brown spent in New England.  

Greg Auman of The Athletic joined The Fan Morning Show Thursday to talk about the legitimate prospects of this happening. 

"I don't think so. I put a couple calls out on it actually two night ago just kind of chasing that. And it's like, you call his agent and he's fired his agent. You call his attorney and he's fired his attorney. I got his brother on the phone. It seemed like if there is any thought to that happening, it's very early in the process if it is," Auman said. 

But he didn't rule out the possibility of Brady making some personnel demands and/or suggestions upon his arrival. 

"I didn't know what concessions the Bucs would make in terms of, 'Look, if you come here Tom, we'll do this and this and this.' Whether there would be a list of players that he'd like to consider, I don't think it would be him having any kind of control of personnel decisions but I think he'll have input." 

"Bruce Arians overlapped with Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh, obviously. Knows him. He didn't necessarily have nice things to say about him when things were melting down in Oakland. So, I don't think this is something that would happen under normal circumstances. Now, if Brady really wants this to happen for some reason, if you can make Antonio Brown your third receiver, you've got a really nice group in that room. There would be some baggage to carry and things you'd have to deal with from a chemistry standpoint, but right now that still seems unlikely to me." 

Yeah, and there's that little thing about him needing to be reinstated into the league, too. And an investigation pending. And possibly a suspension. 

You can hear the entire interview with Greg Auman on The Fan Morning Show, including how the offense will likely mold itself around Tom Brady, below.
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