Dunlap: Those Keeping Score Of George Floyd Statements Are Silly

By 93.7 The Fan

Sidney Crosby issued a statement. 

All of 62 words. Four sentences and a simple signature of just his first name --- Sidney. 

Do we feel better now? 

We good now? 

Does our view on Sidney Crosby change? 

Does the guy with the impeccable track record on how he’s carried himself now have an even more impeccable track record on how he’s carried himself? 

Will there be one person in this whole wide world who has racism in their heart --- or who is an overt racist ---- who now stops and says, “you know, I better stop my racist ways because of that tweet from Sidney Crosby.” 

I’m just not seeing it happen that way. 

This has all, this whole exercise in shaming those who don’t blast their feelings on the internet, become a bit silly. 

Nonetheless, good on Sidney Crosby (I guess) for issuing a statement that he will “listen and educate” himself on how to make a difference as it pertains to racism. 

I assume Crosby doesn’t stand for sex assault or domestic violence or DUI or anything of the sort; that said I don’t need to see a statement from him to believe it. 

I just believe it. 

I’ll let the default for someone like Crosby be that they are against the bad stuff and for the good stuff in life --- until they give me a reason to think otherwise.  

I don’t know, man. To me, it feels like Sidney Crosby sort of got strong-armed into producing a statement because Evander Kane and some in the media needlessly pointed out that, well, Sidney Crosby had not issued a statement. 

But that’s where we have arrived in this atmosphere the past few days wherein it feels like too many want to keep score of what entity issued a statement and which one didn’t. Which sports or movie star put up a black screen on their Instagram page and which one didn’t. Which company crafted some flowing paragraph (done by a public relations outfit anyway) on their Facebook page in which they decried racism and disparaged those who partake in it and which company didn’t do enough to tell you they hate racism. 

That’s where we are instead of worrying about ourselves, our community or really concentrating on remembering the life of George Floyd --- we are keeping score of little hearts clicked and retweets on Twitter and black screens on Instagram and who posted fist emojis of various skin tones. 

I’m here to tell you those are all nice gestures --- but that ain’t it, man. 

I’m here to tell you all those things can be seen as surface acts that make it appear you are banding together with all the people who, in unison, want all the good stuff in life --- but that ain’t it man. 

Doing something everyone else is doing on the internet won’t mean a damn thing as we move forward and as we hope to, as a society, rectify the atrocities some face each day. 

Know what will? Your actions. Make those count, not your emojis.

And instead of keeping score of who posted what on Twitter in these times, do this: Keep score of who treats others well.

That is really what it is all about and what will get this fixed. Not some clicks on your iPhone.