Dunlap: Tired Of The Doom And Gloom

By 93.7 The Fan

Every day it is the same.

Bad news. Terrible news. A dreadful report with numbers that are supposed to make you cringe. Yep, here is your heaping helping of horrible horror --- more at 11. Stay tuned.

I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

Honestly, I think I need to cut way, way, way back on the news I consume.

Twitter? I need to log off some.

It has all turned into a cauldron of cruelty and consternation with a side of savagery.

Even some of the people paid to talk sports both locally and nationally seem like the last people in the world who want sports back. That, to me at least, is bizarre stuff.  

But I did see something that got me thinking. And, remember, I am a bastion of positivity. I mean that. In these times I have become someone who is really set on championing creative ways to solve problems and to keep doing things rather than stopping before we start, throwing up our hands and saying, “Well, we can’t do that because of COVID.”


We need to simply get resourceful, band together, work hard and find a way. This virus isn’t going to go away until there is a vaccine --- we need to mitigate and work around it the best we can. Or just lock ourselves inside for good.

Along those lines think of this …

Now, I don’t know if I fully believe what they are selling, but we have been told multiple times that protests in our city (and nationwide) have contributed zero to little in any spike in COVID cases. Particularly locally, how many times have you heard that it was pretty much all the young people at the bars who screwed this up and that people out there in droves protesting accounted for almost no new cases?

I know I have heard it a ton. I hear it and see it every single day.

Some are incredibly eager to remind you of such a notion. I have heard all about the contact tracing and the way they have it all figured out. Am I skeptical if that truly is the case? I sure am.

Do I need to probably take them at their word? For the sake of this exercise, I will.

So let’s go full-bore with that theory as a given; that the protestors accounted for almost zero new cases of COVID.

We have been told (and seen with our own eyes) there were thousands of them in close proximity to each other for hours on end. We have seen the protesters largely wearing masks and keeping as much of a social distance as possible.

Now let’s transfer that into another realm.

Why can’t we have a baseball game in a stadium meant to hold 38,000 people and only have 5,000 there?

Why can’t we have a football game in a stadium meant to hold 68,000 people and have like 10,000 there?

If we did it the right way, with protocols akin to the protests, why is this out of the question. I’m asking because I am puzzled. Again, remember I am in the business right now of trying to find solutions rather than hit a great big stop sign before we even have the conversation.

So, that said, if fans wore masks, social distanced and there was no alcohol served (a big variable in this) would this be possible? I think so.

I’ll run the risk of being vilified for saying this but I will: At some point in time people are going to want to get back on with their lives and do some of the things they want to do sprinkled in with all of the things they need to do. And it is OK to admit that. Recreation is OK, you aren’t the bad guy for wanting it, yearning for it or saying out loud, “man, I’d love to go to a football game.” You just aren’t a bad person for it, no matter how many people will try to shout you down and call you selfish or whatever, you aren’t.

If we can do it safely, if we can stay within the proper parameters of social distancing and masking and such, why can’t we have limited crowds at games?

After all, we’ve been told protesters did it the right way and they didn’t account for the spike. Is that model not good enough to try at games?

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