The Golf Season is Coming Together

By 93.7 The Fan

     In this segment, Paul talks with Joe Lodanosky from Pa Sports Midday, Golden Eagle Radio Network. He and Paul start their conversation off talking about the fact that there is now a tentative date set for when PGA golf will return. Lodanosky tries to look at the positive in this situation. and says that the world came to a stop so quickly which leads him to believe that it could return to normal even faster. He and Paul also look at what the golf schedule could look like this year if so many events are all placed closely together, and how that might change the product. Lodansoky believes that this won't be a problem because a majority of golfers on the PGA tour are already grinding it out all season, so it won't be much different for them. He and Paul also talk about the financial health of golf. the realistic chances of this new schedule working out, and then importance of golf on the American sports stage.​