Shane P. Hallam Breaks Down the NFL Draft

By 93.7 The Fan

     The second hour of the show starts off with Paul going out to the hotline to talk with NFL Draft Analyst from Steel City Insider, Shane P. Hallam. He and Paul start their conversation off by looking back at some of the early draft grades and they debate about how accurate some of those grades really are. Paul and Hallam both agree that it's way too early for anybody to try and put a grade on a player, and that these grades don't mean much for at least three to four seasons. They also look around the league and talk about what draft picks surprise them and they offer their reasons as to why. Paul asks Hallam for his opinion on Joe Burrow and Hallam says that the Bengals had to take him, but points out that their other picks are interesting because they went with some valuable players. He believes that they made decisions that may not work out immediately, but they will in the long term. Paul and Hallam also spend some time looking at the Browns, and they both agree that this was a suprisingly good draft for the organization. The also break down the moves the Chiefs made, offer their thoughts on the Steelers draft picks, and debate if the Patriots had a good draft.