Pittsburgh One Of Top Cities For Runners

Photo credit Getty Images

Pittsburgh is among the top 10 cities in America for runners.

A new study by SmartAsset puts the city at number 10 on the list.

According to their website, Pittsburgh makes the list because it has a good walkability score when compared to other cities on the list, a low pedestrian fatality rate, a high number of gyms and a large number of races.

The top 10 looks like this:

10. Pittsburgh, PA
9. Madison, WI
8. Cincinnati, OH
7. St. Paul, MN
6. Seattle, WA
5. New York, NY
4. San Francisco, CA
3. Arlington, VA
2. Omaha, NE
1. Minneapolis, MN

Other cities in the top 25 include Boston, Chicago, Denver, Philadephia and San Diego.