Davante Adams on Being Left Off Chris Simms' Top 10 Receivers: He Just Wants 'Attention'


Let’s talk about this list, courtesy of NBC’s Chris Simms. As you can see, it’s a doozey.

There's a lot to unpack here, but first, can we address the appalling disrespect of Davante Adams, who, at least in Simms’ estimation, is not a top-ten NFL receiver? Cue the Tim Robinson meme.

And if Michael Thomas, the reigning NFL leader in both yards and catches, isn’t at least No. 2, what are we even doing here? Oh, I’m not finished. Not even close. Simms thought he could get away with slotting A.J. Green, who hasn’t logged an NFL snap in 19 MONTHS, seventh on this sham of a list? The audacity. And let’s get another thing straight. Tyreek Hill is no doubt the league’s fastest receiver (though have you ever seen Raiders rookie Henry Ruggs pick up a head of steam?) and arguably a top-ten, if not top-five talent. But giving him top billing ahead of readymade Hall-of-Famers Julio Jones and Nuk Hopkins (who is known to do things like this)? That’s heresy.

I also have a bone to pick about Courtland Sutton’s inclusion on the list. I get it. The guy is talented and an emerging star on a team finally heading in the right direction after a longer-than-expected post-Peyton hangover. But making the bold declaration that Sutton, who boasts just 114 catches to his NFL credit, is already among the league’s upper-echelon receivers? That’s quite the leap. Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson and JuJu Smith-Schuster would all have been stronger choices. And are we positive Mike Evans is even the best receiver on his own team (Chris Godwin would like a word)?

In fairness to Simms, the son of Giants legend Phil Simms and an eight-year NFL vet himself, these rankings aren’t as egregious as the farce Colin Cowherd spewed into the ethersphere last month (in case you missed it, the Fox Sports host made the laughable argument that Jared Goff and ancient Tom Brady are superior “arm talents” to Patrick Mahomes). But it’s still not the list I would have gone with. Twitter reaction to the list has been predictably harsh with criticism centered on Simms’ obvious snub of Adams, who did not take kindly to his glaring omission.

Even his ProFootballTalk colleague Mike Florio couldn’t get on board, roasting Simms for his placement of Odell Beckham, a once-great talent whose career has been compromised by injuries and locker-room turmoil.

Maybe Simms should have quit while he was ahead with his far less divisive quarterback rankings.

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