Jimbo Covert Says Losing A Game Could Sharpen Steelers

Jimbo Was Part Of The 1985 Bears That Went 15-1 and Won The Super Bowl

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) If you're talking about the Steelers right now, you're probably talking about their undefeated record and lack of a rushing attack.

There has specifically been talk about that undefeated record for the Steelers and if it could actually become a burden on their way to possibly winning the Super Bowl this year.

So what better person then to talk to other than Pro Football Hall of Famer Jimbo Covert?

He joined The PM Team and said losing their undefeated record in week 13 to the Dolphins was maybe a blessing in disguise.

Covert was part of the 1985 Bears that went 15-1 and eventually won the Super Bowl.

"How would you like to go 16-0 and lay an egg in the first round of that playoffs.' Covert asked.

As for what it was like when his Bears team lost that undefeated record, Covert told us how it helped sharpen their team.

"I think it really just helped us focus...our quarterback came back, got healthy and we just ran the table because I think it just repositioned everybody to know this isn't going to be easy and we're going to have to work at this."

Being that Covert is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for being one of the best offensive lineman in the history of the game, the guys asked him about the Steelers rushing attack and what has been wrong with it.

Click the audio above to hear his answer to that question and much more.