Need a 'Phandemic Krew' in NYC? JJ & BJ Offer the Yankees Their Services

By WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York

The air horns and shenanigans outside Citizens Bank Park in Philly on Thursday night drew the Yankees’ ire, and the actions have drawn a lot of publicity for the “Phandemic Krew” that was responsible.

With so many strange things catching on around baseball in this wacky 2020 season, why not have each home team employ a squad outside their stadiums to do the same everywhere?

If the Yankees are so inclined, well, WFAN’s John Jastremski and Brian Jones said during their last midday show together on Friday that they’re available for the right price.

“Bri, I feel like if you and I were outside of Citizens Bank Park, we wouldn’t even need the air horn or voice enhancer, because our voices dude…maybe we need to do that outside Yankee Stadium when Tampa or the Astros come to town,” JJ said. “Maybe we can be the distractor for the team playing the Yankees!”

“There you go man! We project, right? Why not employ our abilities to distract the opposing batters from outside the stadium? I got that alto voice, baby!” Jones replied.

JJ noted that Jones has the alto voice, but he has “the loud, New York, Staten Island JJ voice,” and their powers combined might be stronger than Captain Planet.

But, that right price mentioned above?

“If Aaron Boone or anyone with the New York Yankees is listening, John Jastremski and Brian Jones are volunteering their services to try to push the Yankees over the top,” JJ said, “as long as they give us a TV and a couple cocktails and set us up outside Yankee Stadium.”

Music to BJ’s ears.

“You said a mouthful! SWING BATTA BATTA BATTA, SA-WING! You had me at a couple cocktails!” Jones laughed.

“He’s ready! He’s ready!” JJ yelled to end the exchange, before taking some calls.

A great way to kick off two hours on Friday, their last day filling in for Moose & Maggie - perhaps we can get John and Brian a sponsored perch just off the subway tracks?

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