NFL Stadium Mockups Show What Game Day Would Be Like for Fans in 2020


An NFL team has unveiled an early look at what fans can expect if they venture out to the stadium in 2020.

A Miami Dolphins executive revealed mockup images of the team's home, Hard Rock Stadium, laying out which entrances and exits fans would use, and how they would be spaced out in the stands in accordance with the social distancing prompted by the coronavirus crisis.

The measures would limit the stadium's crowd capacity from its usual 65,000 to about 15,000 fans, Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel said on GMA, and would also apparently include some form of staggered admission times and a plan for an orderly exit.

"We would have times to come in for security at different gates, so people would be separated out in terms of when they enter the stadium. We would exit the stadium much like a church environment or something where each row exits, so people aren't all filing out in a herd."

It was unclear whether other teams would follow a model similar to the one laid out by the Dolphins.

The NFL and other leagues have reportedly considered a variety of proposals and contingency plans for starting their seasons in recent weeks as some cities and states have begun easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The league doesn't appear to have ruled out any possibilities, including a delayed start to the season or playing in empty stadiums.

The recently refurbished Hard Rock Stadium, originally known as Joe Robbie Stadium, has hosted several Super Bowls, including this year's Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and Chiefs.

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